Profitable Practice: A 90-Day Kickstart Plan for Physiatrists

Are you a Physiatrist looking to build a profitable, independent practice while maximizing revenue and establishing financial stability and security?

In his premiere book, Profitable Practice: A 90-Day Kickstart Plan for Physiatrists, physiatrist Dr. Hassan Akinbiyi presents the benefits and drawbacks for each type of business entity, and offers sound advice for choosing an accountant, business banker, healthcare lawyer, and other necessary personnel required to help your practice flourish. He also discusses key components for expanding revenue-making opportunities, including choosing the right billing company and practice setting.

There is so much more to building a prosperous medical practice than practicing medicine. If you are ready to capitalize on each opportunity in your business, the principles found in this book will put you on the path to implementing strategies to build wealth for yourself and future generations. The principles in the book apply whether you are a new grad or a seasoned attending.