Dr Hassan

Highly esteemed, board-certified physiatrist, Dr. Hassan Akinbiyi, is best known for his work ethic, business acumen, and ability tocoach physiatrists. With over ten years of experience, Dr. Hassan is passionate about not only changing the lives of his patients but also helping physicians understand the business of medicine so they can have ultimate career satisfaction and financial security. He has successfully turned his knowledge into bestselling books, award-winning blogs, and online training programs, transforming new attending’s into independent practice owners who control their financial destinies.

Dr. Hassan is very active in supporting rehabilitative medicine policy initiatives at both the local and national levels, and he serves on local hospital foundation boards. As CEO of Profitable Practice Owners, LLC, he founded DrHassanRehab.com, the digital hangout spot where physicians go for practical business tips and real-life strategies to help build their practices.

Dr. Hassan Akinbiyi earned his undergraduate degree from Xavier University in Louisiana and his medical doctorate from Indiana University School of Medicine before completing his residency at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, a part of Northwestern Medicine.

But things were not always great.

Can I share my story with you?

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois, the youngest of my father’s 6 kids. At a young age, I realized my calling of being a doctor. I was always fascinated by the inner workings of the mind and body. I began to study the human body. I performed well academically in high school, medical school and residency. After completing residency, I started my own independent Physiatry practice and soon built a seven-figure practice. 

I travelled the world visiting many countries I always dreamed of visiting including Brazil for Carnival, Dubai to bring in the New Year and Sydney Australia watching the fireworks at the Sydney Opera House. I was able to pay off the mortgage on my parents’ home. After my father suffered his second of three strokes before he eventually passed away, I was able to fly him to my Rehabilitation Hospital in Arizona to receive care as opposed to allowing the hospital to send him to a nursing home.

Despite all of this I had an embarrassing secret. During my first year of college my family was evicted from the home I spent all of my life up to that point. We were now homeless. I vividly remember the Sheriff coming to the house knocking on the door on what otherwise seemed like a regular day. When I answered the door, he immediately dropped the bomb on me and let us know we needed to be out of the house within hours. My heart dropped, I dropped to the floor and cried like a baby. I was numb and in a stupor for months. I had lost my home and my way. I no longer had a sense of certainty or any roots.

This could happen to anyone. Because of this…NOW I am dedicated to teaching new attending’s how to build lucrative independent medical practices so that they have financial independence, security, and the ability to plan and save for retirement. I want to make sure no one else has to experience that pain and embarrassment. I want you to achieve financial freedom so that you control your destiny and have ultimate career satisfaction.